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Monitoring Reports updated for 2020

The website has now been updated to organize the monthly Monitoring Reports on the Environment - Current page for 2020 reports as well on the Environment - History page for past years


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Blasting Activity

We will be conducting 3 to 4 small routine blasts over the next several weeks with the first one set for Tuesday September 29th between Noon and 5pm. Blasting is a safe activity permitted by the City

Earthmoving Activity

We are starting a earthmoving project on the East side of the pit adjacent to 85 Street. Equipment will be working daytime hours only removing overburden at original ground level and placing it at the

Blasting Activity

We will be conducting a small routine blasting operation on Thursday July 2nd between Noon and 5pm in the Phase 3 East area of the pit. Although not likely, you may hear the sound of distant thunder a