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Proposed Berm Enhancement along Rocky Ridge Road

As part of the ongoing development of the STAR Pit, we are planning to enhance the berm along a section of Rocky Ridge Road.

The original berm was constructed 15 years ago when the pit was first opened and was designed to be a height of 4 meters above the elevation of the road for visual and sound mitigation. As we progress with the mining we now have the opportunity to enhance the berm by raising the overall height by an additional 3 to 4 meters over a length of approximately 600 meters running north of the Altalink Powerline.

We anticipate that construction of the enhanced berm will commence this fall and be completed in the Spring of 2022. This work will involve the daytime use of earthmoving equipment to strip existing topsoil to a temporary stockpile, place overburden on the berm footprint to create the enhanced berm height and then replace the topsoil, prep and seed the disturbed area. Fencing is proposed to be installed on the top of the existing berm for protection for the area during construction and for the new grass thereafter.

Ph 4 Mitigation Berm notice to Website
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